October and November have joined and become one month!

Part 1:

October was filled with smiles and laughs and happiness and also frustrations!

My nieces all celebrated their birthdays and holy moly, do they make me smile! Cutest nieces. Ever. Also- most besotted Auntie ever!

The weather has also been so fantastic, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Summer, not Spring! Hello beautiful sunshine and warmth and flowers! Hello gorgeous looking and smelling garden! I am fairly certain the extra TLC (and wishing it a “Good Morning” everyday), sunshine & rain, has all contributed to our lemon tree growing new shoots! I’m so excited! We didn’t kill it!! My Kaffir Lime Leaf tree is also full of wonderful foliage after pruning it brutally (I was so scared- the poor little tree did look quite sad!). The leaves are the best with homemade Tom Yum Soup- which I haven’t made in forever! I will soon though and share the basic recipe with you!

There was a slight change of plans with the wedding cake; it has been now ordered from a local lady and I’m very excited to see her finished artwork (and taste it, obviously!) I cheekily over catered with the amount we should need, because I want to be able to sneak some cake home with us after wedding! Well, you know, I don’t particularly want to miss out on having more than one piece! Yes, it’s true: I want to have my cake and eat it too! Haha!

In the back ground, whilst all the wedding preparations continue going full steam ahead, we have had a huge disappointment- my engagement ring came back worse than when we sent it away!! It even has a deep scratch in the gold, which I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was most definitely not there when we sent it back to them to fix! By fixing the ring, they needed to put a diamond back in place- which they claimed, was best to be done by resetting the ring. You would not believe the drama we’ve had. I did write quite a detailed (emotional!) email on how we were feeling about the situation. So upsetting. We have been engaged for 3 months and I’ve only been able to wear the ring for 4 weeks and 6 days. Yes, it’s exactly that- I have been counting!

Part 2:

(Update on ring saga: apparently they were never going to reset the ring before the wedding, as time would have been an issue. This part of their story I do not believe. But I have no choice in the matter- it’s out of my hands; quite literally! So, as it stands, we will send off the ring AGAIN, after the wedding and hope it finally comes back as it should! Because of this, I have not once worn the ring, for fear of losing the diamond again and being unable to fix it before our big day! It’s been a little sad, truthfully! I do feel quite privileged to have been able to wear B’s grandmother’s ring though!)

The first part of this post was written nearing the end of October; it’s now being finished at the end of November, with only 10 days until our wedding!! I wouldn’t say I’ve been slack- more that I’ve been extremely busy! It doesn’t elude me that I’ve said something similar before (read: on numerous occasions!); but seriously, how has November flown by so quickly!?

My cousin decided she wanted to treat me to a girls’ night out and so I enjoyed dinner, dancing and a few drinks with also my sister and friend over the Melbourne Cup weekend, which was loads of fun! It also made me appreciate just how lucky I am to have B! He is such a wonderful, caring, loyal man! Coincidentally, this was also the day/ night of B’s Bucks party! I’m so glad he had a great day spent with mates, who brought him back in one piece- complete with glitter! That was an interesting conversation! Ha!

One of my friends also organized a hen’s afternoon where we had some nice food and I was able to catch up with friends! It was a nice couple of hours that went by all too quickly!!

In the meantime, final touches are being made to our wedding preparations! Payments are to be taken care of; guest numbers have been finalized; meetings with the videographer and celebrant have happened; there have been countless discussions with the photographer; flowers have been arranged; final fittings for the dress have been done and dusted; a musician has been welcomed! It seems this wedding is Go!! Next week, in fact!!

Music choice is our final piece of the puzzle! I think….. Did I forget something? Oh dear, who knows! I have about 6 lists going which get rewritten at regular intervals depending on what needs to be done and what has been ticked off!! I am the list queen! I have lists for lists!! Best to be organized I say!

I always knew our five month engagement would fly by; I just never expected it to go as quick as it has! Now, I’d like time to slow down a little! Our wedding is like a present! A surprise waiting to be opened! Once opened, the surprise has been had, and you can’t capture that moment again. Yes, there will always be new moments! Many, many more new moments! It’s just that I would like to savor this one a teeny bit longer!

Excited bride to be, counting down the days and hours, signing off!

Love Laugh Food xx


Excitement is building! 

The beginning of October. 
Two months until B and I say “I do”. 


In September, we posted the wedding invites. 

We also emailed the celebrant with all the info he needed- there was a list of questions Mark (the celebrant) asked; in return, he received some funny answers (mostly from B!). I am excited to see what Mark comes up with for our ceremony!
There has been an issue with a diamond falling out of my engagement ring for a second time(!) and so B’s mum came over one night with her mother’s engagement ring and gave it to me to have, to wear as a replacement! That was a sweet and special moment. Pretty much on par with B asking me to marry him, I’d say! I’m part of the family, well and truly! 
In the meantime, the ring is in the process of getting fixed (properly this time, hopefully!!) and the race is on to make sure we get it before the wedding! I am quietly freaking out and hope they aren’t messing us around! I will have a full blown bridezilla moment if it doesn’t make it back in time! 
B and I have been exercising together and being a bit more mindful of what we eat, to be looking our sharpest for the big day! Or rather, watching how much we eat! Haha!! That’s been fun! It definitely helps to want to do exercise when there’s two of you to spur each other on! For every bit that we are productive, we can be just as lazy! Yes, we’ve had a few nights on the couch with Netflix and movies and chocolate! 
I visited my mum out in the country again! And this time, I pruned her mandarin tree and bought home a big basket full! This in turn, produced a funny moment with my very cheeky, husband to be!! Will post a pic of the little tale- it’ll be sure to make you giggle! I have no doubt everyone knows at least one person in their life who is capable of performing something similar to B’s little trick!! So many laugh out loud moments! 
I also ordered my shoes for the wedding; a website that allows you to design your own shoes (so much fun!!) as I couldn’t find anything that suited what I am after. This obviously means I will be paying more for the shoes than I’d originally planned. Wait and see if they end up being worth it! Shouldn’t be too long before I can pretend to be Cinderella trying on her glass slipper. I may cry if it’s not what I expect. Yikes! Toes crossed! 
I also managed to catch up with friends who I haven’t seen in a couple of years! That’s the beauty of long lived special friendships. You may not see each other regularly or even lose touch, but when your lives come back together again, the friendship just picks up like there was no break at all! It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? 
Speaking of friends; one of these friends is now in charge of my hen’s day! Which is going to remain a surprise to me unless my compulsiveness to be in control takes over and I crack and demand to know what we are doing! Haha! I want it to be a surprise, like a present waiting to be opened! You want to open it, but once it’s open, the anticipation and excitement is gone. Let’s see how long I can last without knowing. 
I have also have two friends who have special jobs for our wedding; one is making the wedding cake (seriously though, she is freaking amazingly talented!!) and another is our photographer (another super talented lady!!). I am so excited to see their work. Both have spent so much time in the lead up to the wedding, preparing. I know, without a single shadow of doubt that both will produce work that will be even more impressive than I imagined! How lucky am I to have such wonderful people in our lives? Plus, they’re both perfectionists. With a capital P. Takes one to know one, right!? 
September is now but a distant memory. 
December is quickly galloping towards us. Yay!! Excitement is building!! 
On that note, I say: enjoy the wonderful Spring sunshine everyone! 
Love Laugh Food, xx 

Another birthday; another month closer to our wedding. 

Well, it’s only a week until we are half way through September and I have no idea what happened to August!! 
We worked, we organised some more for the wedding, we caught up with friends and I managed to have a day off work to celebrate my birthday with my family. We also pruned the lemon tree which is in dire need of some tender loving care, the poor old tree. Let’s hope this rejuvenates it; not the opposite! 

Of course as always, we ate our way through the entire month. Finishing the month off with three days of feasting which I’m sure equaled to what is considered normal for a week of eating- not three days! My poor digestive system wasn’t happy with me! Yes, I realize it’s completely a first world problem, to complain about having too much food! 
B and I had dinner in Glen Waverley with a couple of friends, the Saturday night before my birthday, immediately followed by an early breakfast the next morning with B’s family at Serotonin (yes, again!!) 
B and I also had a special night out after work at a new restaurant called Lûmé (http://www.restaurantlume.com) the next day, which is in Conventry Street, South Melbourne. We participated in the degustation menu (minus the matching wines- don’t think I could have fit that much food and liquid in my belly in one sitting!) and holy wow! What an amazing experience that was! For this dinner, we weren’t handed menus until after our meals. This made the night extra interesting! Without spoiling anything about what we devoured, I will share some photos of the food and let you decide whether any of it looks appealing enough for you to try it for yourselves! 
These three days straight (slight exaggeration, but then, maybe not!) of eating means that September is going to be a lighter month when it comes to food intake! B and I have also upped our exercise! I need to fit into my wedding dress!! And we could both do with more moving around and less sitting! 
Enjoy the food porn! Until next time,

Lovelaughfood xx 

Ps. It’s now less than three months til we get married!!! So much excitement!!



July was a special month

It’s the last day of July and what a month it’s been!! B along with his family and I ate too much food on his birthday at Steak Ministry (Glen Waverley) followed by a special cake I made for him; he proposed; we celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a tasting menu at Mr Mason (http://www.mrmason.com.au) (which was amazing I might add!); I visited my mum who now lives in the country more than an hour away (I’ve never lived that far from my mum in my entire life- it’s a new concept!); I found my wedding dress (the second one I tried on) with my sister and my three nieces. We also went to work and in the midst of it all, have been making wedding plans for December! This year! We are getting married! I still find it amazing that someone loves all of me (farts and all!!) enough to want to share their life together with me, forever! It’s such a very special time for us! 
I think the next 4 months will fly as we make plans for our wedding and life in between! Choosing a venue seemed the easiest step! Choosing a videographer, not so easy! We deliberated over that choice for a while, but we feel happy with our final decision! Next, choosing a celebrant! I thought that deciding what flavour toothpaste to buy next was hard! 
And the guest list!!! Being a hairdresser, speaking to so many people over the years and hearing their wedding planning stories, you would think I’d learned a few pointers! The guest list is a very hard task! If we could, we would have everyone in our lives be at our wedding! But, we, like everyone else, haven’t got a money tree in the backyard! So, the guest list needs fine tuning. I’ve already rewritten it twice. We are definitely saved by the fact that neither of us have big families nor do we have a lot of long lost relatives and such, who we don’t know but are obligated to invite! Hallelujah! 
Ooh! Something else B and I did together, one very early Saturday morning before I went off to work: we had a seriously delicious and relaxing breakfast at Serotonin, a café in Burnley. (https://www.facebook.com/serotonindealer) As much as B hated getting up super early, he did enjoy his breakfast (sans bacon!)! If you decide to eat there, go early and sit at the windows on the swings, inside, watching the sunrise! It’s a great way to start the day, with a smile! 
On a side note, I judge cafés on whether they serve almond milk (almond milk chai lattes are my obsession!!), and I am happy to report- Serotonin do! Smiles all around! 

Happy end of July everyone! 

Stay warm, Lovelaughfood. xx